in-store retail experience

Could Technology Save the In-store Retail Experience?

According to a recent report by Market Track, 78% of younger shoppers (ages 18-29) said they preferred online shopping over the in-store retail experience. Couple this with the recent impending death of brick and mortars – massive store closings – like … Read More

sales productivity meeting

Expert Advice to Improve Your Sales Productivity

As the old sales productivity adage goes, “Always Be Closing” – and organizing data, and scheduling meetings, and searching for content, and… According to a recent survey by Docurated, sales reps spend only 1/3 of their time actually selling. In … Read More

maximize business efficiency

5 Ways to Maximize Business Efficiency with Technology

Whether you’re just starting your business or looking to boost growth, business efficiency is critical to ensure you’re scaling growth in the most profitable way. Measuring Success and Impact of Business Efficiency Before you begin to improve your business efficiency, … Read More

implementing new technology

Implementing New Technology – how to introduce new technology to your team that hates change

From the bottom line view, the success of implementing new technology, whether it be a new appointment scheduling tool or a CRM, is driven by sustained Return on Investment, and how quickly that ROI can be realized. Implementing new technology, … Read More