3 Key Ways an Updated Scheduling System Directly Impacts Your Business

Using an Online Scheduling App Can Impact Business Efficiency and Profitability

How does your company manage meetings and appointment scheduling? If you’re still using pen and paper to keep track, you should take a look at how switching to an updated scheduling system can directly impact your business profitability.

Modern scheduling systems improve the efficiency of your team, and directly impact customer perception and activity. For example, a recent study by Yodel showed that 61% of consumers wish and expect that their business offers online booking. 33% say that businesses that offer online booking set themselves apart from those who do not.

3 key ways the switching to an updated scheduling system will benefit your business:


More Convenience, More Customers

Consumers are engaging with businesses every day from their computer and their phones. Your business needs to be easily accessible for them to schedule and/or update their appointments and meetings. Having an online scheduling application can provide the digital sophistication your customers expect, as well as sync and update your calendar as customers are interacting with your business – which helps to automate the management of your business calendars.

Using an online scheduling app, such as AcuScheduler, is also the best way to reduce no shows. First, with AcuScheduler’s ability to automate appointment reminders, you can ensure your customers remember their appointments and can reschedule if necessary. But things happen – some no-shows are unavoidable. So, with AcuScheduler you also have the ability to automate a reschedule message in the case of a no-show.

Better Customer Experience, Better Customer Loyalty

Every year, customers’ expectations for their experience with an organization are rapidly rising. According to a recent study, by the year 2020 customer experience will surpass price and product as the key brand differentiator. Furthermore studies have found that 89% of customers switch brands due to a bad customer experience. It is essential to invest in customer experience to stand out from your competition and win customer loyalty.

Having an online scheduling system provides your customers with the modern and professional experience that they expect – which will help you hold onto more of your customers for the long run.

More Access, More Productivity

With a cloud-based scheduling system like AcuScheduler, your entire team can access the system from anywhere, which ensures that tasks get completed, schedule visibility is improved, and any customer needs can be addressed promptly. More traditional methods of scheduling can allow information get lost along the way and affect overall productivity.

AcuScheduler seamlessly integrates with your Salesforce environment and can help streamline your scheduling process. Are you ready to make your business more profitable through a simple change to your scheduling process?


Sign up for a free trial and quickly start realizing the benefits of AcuScheduler’s scheduling system in your Salesforce environment.

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