AcuScheduler Guide to Setting Sales Appointments

Get more sales appointments

Use this method to get more sales appointments and crush your goals

Your job is to get more sales appointments more efficiently. How exactly you do that is the real challenge. Marketing efforts help you generate potential customers, but it’s up to you to set the sales appointments. In this blog post, we’ll give you some tips to help you secure more appointments. From prep, to outreach, to scheduling systems.


Preparation – S-marketing Success

The most effective sales strategies result from a beautiful partnership between sales and marketing, “s-marketing”. The marketing team is one of your best resources to set more sales appointments.


Use Marketing Leads

Coordinate with your marketing team on a strategy to convert leads into sales appointments. Lead lists from website forms, events, and more are a great starting point for your outreach. You’ll have much more success by focusing some of your time on inbound leads that have shown interest in your company. Reaching out to inbound lead lists should compliment any outbound efforts like cold calling.


Segment Prospects to Create Targeted Messaging

Segment your lead lists to develop more personalized marketing messages. You can segment lists based on data like interests, preferences, and activity. Segmented lists allow you to send the right marketing messaging to the right people at the right time in the right way.

Potential and existing customer data is very important for segmentation and targeted messaging. We recommend using a CRM like Salesforce for capturing and containing customer data.


Circle Back to Prospects

If a prospect isn’t ready to schedule an appointment, marketing messaging helps you remain top of mind. Circling back with prospects through marketing messaging – or nurturing – ensures they don’t fall through the cracks.


Marketing For Multiple Touchpoints

On average, it takes approximately five to seven touchpoints to close a sale. A prospect needs to hear from you and see your company across various channels. Marketing can help beef up your touchpoints on channels like email, digital ads, and social media. This way you’re more likely to get in touch with prospects when the time is right.


The Hook, Line and Sinker Sales Method

You’ve done the prep, now it’s time to make that phone call and draft that email. This simple three-step process is designed to convert prospects into appointments. Hook, line, and sinker helps guide your email and phone conversations to schedule more sales appointments.



If you haven’t met the prospect, first impressions are everything. The first contact is important to establish an initial connection. Mention why they are being contacted, and keep it short and sweet. Don’t bury the lead. For example:

“Hi [prospect’s name],

I’m [your name], a [job position] from [company]. I’m reaching out because I saw you recently downloaded our ebook, “[ebook title]”.

Is there anything I can help you better understand? Let me know if you’d like to set up a quick call to review [topic]. Here to help!


[your name and contact info]”


You might be wondering where the big attention grabber is, but hear me out. With so much marketing bombardment, sometimes a more casual approach is better received. If you deliver a message that’s too sales-y too early on, you run the risk of your message hitting the trash bin or getting hung up on.



Once you’ve managed to get that email opened or kept them on the phone, it’s time to explain why you are reaching out. This is also when you can gather their interest in your company if you are on the phone with them. If you are writing an email, you can explain the benefits of your product or service. It’s helpful to provide “trust signals” or testimonials to better illustrate the benefits in context.

You don’t want to give away all the good info, though. Provide just enough information to peak their interest. The next step is scheduling a sales appointment to continue the discussion.



Time to close the deal and schedule that sales appointment. If you’re on the phone you can ask BANT-type qualifying questions to make sure they’re a good fit. If they aren’t interested, ask when they will be. This will help you understand if they are a truly qualified prospect for a sales appointment.

If they are qualified and interested, schedule that appointment! Don’t lose the lead until you’ve set a time and date and confirm you have the correct contact info. Via email and over the phone, it’s easy to schedule an appointment with a scheduling tool like AcuScheduler.

Using a scheduling tool cuts down on the time it takes to coordinate calendars. You can also set reminders so that they don’t lose track of your next meeting. If the appointment changes, the tool automatically updates the calendar invite and reminders.


Once the appointment is scheduled, it’s up to the sales team to help you close the deal! We hope this method helps you book more sales appointments and crush your goals this quarter.

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