5 Key Benefits of Using an Online Scheduling App

online scheduling app

From software companies to dentists offices, law firms to luxury car dealerships, an online scheduling app, like AcuScheduler, is a solution for a variety of industries. Your customers and prospects have many choices in the products and solutions they purchase. How do you stand out among the rest? How do you provide the high level of service standards your prospects and customers demand? An online scheduling app can help you provide world-class service along the customer journey from prospect to customer.

Key Benefits of an Online Scheduling App

  1. Modernize Your Customer Experience
    Your customers not only prefer, but expect a digital sophistication. In fact, a recent study by Yodel shows that 61% of consumers wish and expect that their business offers online booking. 33% say that businesses that offer online booking set themselves apart from those who do not. Be your customers first choice by giving them the modern scheduling capabilities they want. 
  2. Save Time – Save Money
    A new lead just came in – you act fast! You immediately reach out to schedule a meeting. You email back and forth to coordinate availability. Once you have the meeting scheduled… the lead needs to reschedule. So you email back and forth to coordinate your availability once more. Sound familiar? How much time and resources do you waste coordinating availability and scheduling meetings? With an online scheduling app, you can cut out all the back and forth, non revenue-generating activities, and increase time spent actually meeting!
  3. Book More Appointments, Close More Deals
    Your Salesforce CRM stores all your customer and lead information – shouldn’t it manage your booking capabilities as well? Since AcuScheduler is built directly in the Salesforce platform, you can set tasks and automate the scheduling process for your customers and leads. Automating these tasks cuts down time, so your team can focus on more things they’re trained to do, and your sales team can close more deals.
  4. Reduce No-Shows
    Using an online scheduling app is the best way to reduce no shows. First, with AcuScheduler’s ability to automate appointment reminders, you can ensure your customers remember their appointments and can reschedule if necessary. But things happen – some no-shows are unavoidable. So, with AcuScheduler you also have the ability to automate a reschedule message in the case of a no-show.
  5. Schedule Smarter and Simpler
    Get the most return on your investment by integrating your online scheduling app directly into your Salesforce environment. Using AcuScheduler for Salesforce, your team can continue to manage customer relationships in one place, scheduling meetings directly within a Contact, Lead, or Person Account record. This integrates scheduling right into your team’s normal, every-day workflow – no need to train on a new system – the process fits right into their existing workflow.

Ready to learn more about how AcuScheduler online scheduling app can help you provide a better, modern, scheduling solution for your prospects and customers? Request a personalized demo today, and one of our scheduling experts will be happy to show you around.

online scheduling app

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