Customer Experience in 2019

customer experience in 2019

A Roundup of the Top 5 Customer Experience Predictions for 2019

Customer experience is how your customers perceive interactions with your company, and with so many ways for customers to interact with your company today, perfecting the customer experience is more important than ever. This is why we rounded-up  the top 5 predictions for customer experience in 2019.

The Top 5 Customer Experience Predictions for 2019

Prediction 1: The Role of Artificial Intelligence Will Grow

Artificial Intelligence will continue to be on the rise in 2019. 

What AI can do to enhance customer service and CX is amazing compared to just a few years ago. But, we’re not yet ready for a world in which robots make decisions and make employees obsolete… Read More (Forbes)

In 2019, we will see brands truly embrace the chatbot/agent relationship to automate the boring stuff, free up time for agents to focus on customers, and master their SLAs… Read More (Martech Advisor)

Prediction 2: Data Will Further Impact Marketing

After gathering data from thousands of customer service cases, marketing will utilize this data to shape their messaging to customers.

Brands will break down the walls between marketing and care in 2019. They’ll use insights from customer care engagements to personalize how they market to them… Read More (Martech Advisor)

Social data also allows care teams and advertisers to work together and deliver more relevant ads. Pinpointing someone’s unique interests or needs can help a brand deliver ads that matter to them, like focusing on a product’s eco-friendly attributes instead of serving a more general ad, or addressing a specific comment or complaint… Read More (Twitter)

Prediction 3: Humanizing Customer Service

Customers will be looking for more personalization from automated services, resulting in more human-like interactions.

Meeting this need requires predicting behaviors and intent, which requires advanced analytics solutions. This will be an investment brands will eagerly make, as delivering hyper-personalized experiences leads to trust and loyalty… Read More (Red Point Global)

Self-service options will need to be created with human touches such as casual language, easy navigation and quick access to reps…Read More (Customer Experience Insight)

More organizations will do a better job of segmenting their customers into groups (also known as personas) to provide a more personalized experience… Read More (Forbes)

Prediction 4: Managing Customers’ Time

Most consumers want better use of their time. They want everything instantaneously and want their problems resolved quickly. This theme will carry on into 2019.

There are two possibilities that you can do with your customers time: you can save them time or you can enhance their time… Read More (Customer Think)

Customers will do more business with the companies that are easiest to work with… Read More (Forbes)

Prediction 5: Digital Transformation

At AcuScheduler, we are in favor of utilizing technology to digitally transform your business. Our app can help transform the customer experience, and how you and your customers schedule meetings and appointments.

To be successful, digital transformation has to be present in every department of the company. The Customer Care department is the frontline of companies, and arguably the most visible part of digital transformation… Read More (MarTech Series)

Experts provide their views on the importance of frictionless digital journeys in retail, and how personalized web experiences and support channels will help to drive customer loyalty and engagement… Read More (Confirmit)

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