Installing AcuScheduler

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This article covers installing or upgrading AcuScheduler in your Salesforce org.  AcuScheduler can be installed in production, sandbox, and developer sandbox instances.  To install AcuScheduler, you must have System Administrator permissions in the org you are installing in.



To install AcuScheduler or upgrade to a new version, follow the steps below:

  • Navigate to the AppExchange listing for AcuScheduler:
  • Click the green ‘Get It Now’ button
  • Choose ‘Log in to the AppExchange’ and enter your Salesforce production credentials
  • Choose the environment you want to install AcuScheduler in (Production or Sandbox)
  • Read and agree to the terms by clicking the checkbox
  • Click ‘Confirm and Install!’
  • Depending on whether you’re installing for the first time or upgrading a prior AcuScheduler installation, you’ll be presented with a Package Installation or Package Upgrade screen.
  • Grant access to Admins only
  • Click ‘Install’


Apply Licenses

After installing AcuScheduler, you’ll need to assign licenses to your users so they can access it.

  • Navigate to Setup
  • In Setup, navigate to ‘Installed Packages’ and find ‘AcuScheduler’
  • Click the ‘Manage Licenses’ link and add your users


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