5 Tips For Getting the Most Out of Team Meetings

Team Meeting

Team meetings can be like eating broccoli, necessary for everyone’s well being, but not always a crowd-pleaser. At first, you probably didn’t like eating broccoli, but once you understand how great it can be when properly prepared, you can begin looking forward to it and even enjoying it. While you might have never thought of team meetings like broccoli, we’re here to tell you – team meetings can be as beneficial and enjoyable as a nice dish of stir-fried broccoli!

Ok, enough about broccoli.

Here are 5 tips to getting the most out of team meetings, while making them an efficient, enjoyable process for those involved…

  • Set a timeframe that works for everyone

An effective team meeting is one in which everyone is able to attend and voice their opinion. To cut back on the classic back-and-forth of scheduling a team meeting, find a time that works for everyone by using a scheduling software. Using a scheduling software is the easiest and most efficient way to seamlessly create appointments within a timeframe when everyone is available. As a very important side note, also be respectful of everyone’s time by beginning and ending the meeting as promised. Because who likes clearing their schedule for a meeting, then having to wait for the organizer to be available?

  • Have a clear agenda and objective

One of the reasons why many teams hate team meetings is that they do not understand the objective of the meeting. Clearly define the objective, whether it’s a discussion to find a solution, a creative brainstorming session, an educational meeting for a new product or campaign, or a production/planning meeting. Before jumping right into the meeting, review the goal and make sure everyone understands the agenda of the meeting. We suggest creating a presentation in Paste to create a visually appealing agenda in a presentation format.

  • Stay focused

The best way to keep a meeting within a certain time frame is to avoid getting off topic and stay focused on that nice agenda you set. If a discussion arises that needs to be discussed, rather than wasting valuable time on the current meeting agenda, use your scheduling tool to set a separate meeting for it, and only invite necessary team members.

Especially when having discussions and brainstorming sessions with large teams, implement the rule of giving everyone two uninterrupted minutes to voice their opinion and to make sure they completely communicate their thoughts and point of view without any interruptions from an opposing view. This will give team members a pressure-free zone to share their opinions and thoughts, without being interrupted or dragging on a point of view. If helpful consider using a “talking stick”.

  • Create next steps and action items

At the conclusion of a successful meeting, everyone should leave the meeting feeling accomplished with a clear understanding of the next steps and any action items that they need to complete. Our team’s favorite way of assigning tasks and deadlines with a high-overview look is by using Trello.

That’s it! Let us know if you try these tips in your next meeting, or tweet at us if you have more great ideas! If you have any questions about how to improve your team meeting efficiency, reach out. Our scheduling operations experts would be happy to discuss how you can improve the efficiency and productivity of your team meetings (and meeting functions across your business).

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