The Importance of Time Management

Improving Your Time Management Skills Can Benefit Work and Personal Life

Determining how to maximize your time can improve the quality of your life – both in your work day and out. Good time management can help you meet your career goals, improve efficiency at work, find balance in life, make more time for yourself, and alleviate stress.

How You Can Start Managing Your Time Better

Here are some tips to strengthen your daily routine and help improve your time management skills.


Be Aware of How Long a Task Takes

Start recognizing how long a task or project takes you. If you’re at work, try using a time tracking tool like Harvest, which can help you easily track the time spent on projects. Tracking your time can help you estimate for future tasks and projects, and will allow you to be in control of how much you can take on. It will also bring to light any regular distractions when completing tasks and how you can try to mitigate those.


Manage Your Schedule

How do you manage your schedule? Do you have a planner? Use an online calendar? Visualizing your schedule on a day to day basis allows you to physically see the amount of time you have and can help you plan your day. Test out using a planner or start inputting your tasks, events, and meetings into a Google calendar.  Time blocking is another strategy that can help tremendously in prioritizing and planning tasks.


Learn to Prioritize

Once you know how long tasks take you and decide a system to manage your time, next you will be able to prioritize. Prioritize your time by what tasks are the most impactful, then work your way backwards as to what you can complete next. Always clarify deadlines with clients, superiors, colleagues to keep your time management on track. Remember that urgency does not always equal priority.

When something unexpected comes up, having a system for prioritization will help you shift your tasks if necessary. These time management tactics will alleviate stress when the unexpected gets thrown your way.


Find What Works for You

There are so many hacks and tools that can help you manage your time. Find what works best for you. Try different methods to discover the best solution that helps you optimize your time management. It takes time and practice to get comfortable with time management, but it will reap massive rewards for you in the long run, personally and professionally.


How Technology Can Help

One key element of time management is planning and prioritizing team meetings and client appointments. Online and cloud-based tools are the most efficient way to align your team and company on projects, timelines, and calendars.

Online scheduling tools, like AcuScheduler, can help you spend less time scheduling meetings and more time managing the rest of your priorities. The AcuScheduler scheduling app is integrated directly in your Salesforce environment and provides cross-functional scheduling support.

Ready to introduce your company to the benefits of online scheduling? Get a customized demo to learn how AcuScheduler for Salesforce can strengthen your team’s time management.

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